Wednesday, January 17, 2007

weary unbright cinder

I'm sitting like this because...

A. I had a white-knuckle drive home in the near-dark
B. I didn't make it to the knitting group
C. I inadvertantly corrupted my little wine database after less than an hour alone with it.
D. All of the above

Should have left well enough alone at 4:45, when it was all working. I could have driven to Pleasant Hill while it was still light out, I could have relaxed for a couple of hours with some new friends, and I'd be able to pick up at work where I left off tomorrow instead of having to explain to the consultant that I poked around and broke everything as soon as he left my desk. But NOOOOOOO. I wanted to keep picking at it until it did something cool, and now my main form won't load, and the program's throwing exceptions at me like a monkey throws crap at a kid at the zoo.

Learn by doing. That's my motto. Well, alright, it's Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's motto, but I like it so I'm taking it as my own. You know, I learned a lot in my two years there. I learned how to do my own laundry. I learned that an Epilady wand will embed itself solidly in a man's chest hair, and that once entangled, it has to be cut out with scissors. I learned that you can outrun tear gas if you head uphill. Most importantly, I learned that by doing things wrong, I learn how to fix them.

Oh, Boddingtons Ale. Is there anything you can't make better?

"Hey, Suzanne? You still knit?"

Shut your pie hole, inner commentator.

Sleeves pre-block and post-block.

I've got about six inches of the front done, but it's slowing down a little bit. I picked up the other active project, the Sahara Knitted Something that I'm creating from the two patterns and this vague idea about a cowl that I can cinch to make the top work appropriate, and leave loose when I want it to be more fashionable. It's a faster knit, because I'm working on the body right now. 'Round and 'round with all of that stockinette. It's a foot race between the two. First one done gets to be the January sweater for the Sweater-a-Month KAL. Which I haven't checked on since asking Stephani if I could join.

I'll get right on that after I finish this delicious beer. You know what would make this interlude better? That's right. Some Mama Mellace's Cinnamon Roasted Almonds. Mmmm...sweet and crunchy, with that toasted almond flavor. I swear they aren't paying me for this. They're really that good.

Wondering about the title? I decided that, like an e-mail worm, I'm going to add snippets of words in my subject line when I can't think of anything clever to say. This one is from the opening of 'Look Homeward, Angel'.


Anonymous said...

wow! what a day!

What I can see of the sweater looks great!

I use song lyrics for my post titles when I can't think of anything else! h

Ceallach said...

I hate that! Never fails, you go back to it and then break it.

But the good news is you broke it, and can probably fix it too.

Hang in there. Trust me, knitting was heavy since I got laid off yesty afternoon, but we will be there next week.....!

Batty said...

Ugh, I do that too! But a good beer does make most things better. As do sweet, roasted almonds... yum! Now I want some for breakfast!

I'm watching your knitting progress with great interest. It's looking good! Keep going, don't let your computer get you down!