Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coming Soon!

Coming soon! An update on my resolutions after the first week of the year, the second terrifying installment of Cooking with Stupid, and, unbelievable as it sounds, actual knitting content. I'm even going to try to respond to comments from previous posts.

I wish I had a picture of myself taken this afternoon. I'm a mess of mismatched craftwork. I've got on the Pismo Pebbles scarf, a beaded necklace that my friend Daisy made for me last year, a sparkly multicolored lace sweater from Benetton, and a handmade bag over my shoulder that my mom gave me. No one piece is even close to complementing any other, although this morning I apparently thought the necklace and sweater were alright together. The bag isn't even in the same color family. I look like a hobo who just crawled out of a dumpster behind a craft faire.

I hate blogging without pictures.

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