Friday, November 05, 2010


Progress is being made on Lanesplitter, but as it's just a biasing rectangle at this point, it's not that interesting to talk about it. In a piece of good news, I found the skein band and saw that I have more than a standard skein's worth. 600 yards gives me some breathing room, figuratively and literally. This is the closest I've come to getting a true color picture of the work.

I'm wearing Juliet today. Fingers crossed that it doesn't stretch into a knee-length tunic.

What's with the boring post title? I decided to make up for my lack of blog posts over the last couple of years by posting every day between now and New Year's Eve, some days more than once. I'm trying to beat my annual max, set in 2008. Sure, I can think of something to say every day. Ask anyone. I never shut up. It's just that I can't always comer up with a pithy title.

"Friday." Heh.

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