Monday, March 05, 2012


Molly: +1
Interlacements Oregon Worsted: -650

I'm a couple of hours into straightening the mess out.

I've had this ball of yarn for a few years, trying to decide whether I want it to become the Back-to-School U-Neck Vest or the variegated color in a retry of a long-gone Gloria. Maybe she was trying to tell me to get on with it, to stop pulling this extra-large yarn cake out of the bin and looking at it, only to put it back a couple of months later. Maybe she was trying to get me to stop dithering. Or maybe she was just bored.

Whatever the reason, I walked upstairs and found her stretched out on the library floor, a beautiful mound of yarn between her dainty paws. She was chewing on it quietly, relaxed and happy in a beam of sunlight.

"O.K., sugar, time to do something else. Good puppy! If it'd been Winston, there'd be cut pieces mixed in here. You are such a gentle girl!" The happy-leader voice distracted her from her favorite new chew toy, allowing me to pull it away from her and pat her on the head. She trotted downstairs and curled up next to Winston by the front window. I don't think she even missed it, another way that she differs from Winston. He'd have tried to get to that yarn every time I turned my back.

I'm working on winding it up. I still don't know which project I want it to be, but spending so much time looking at it has made me determined to use it sooner rather than later. But at least I know my sweet puppy won't completely destroy my knitting before I realize that she has it...

Molly! >sigh<

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turtlegirl76 said...

Molly and Sookie are soul sisters. I didn't get pictures (shame on me) but you should have seen the tangle I had to undo this weekend. She found my Noro Silk Garden in my knitting bag (oh, and my Socks that Rock and Miss Babs Yowza) and it took me several hours to sort out. She's lucky she's cute. And I still haven't fixed the blanket she chewed.