Monday, April 28, 2008


"Hey, Clem! You got anything?"

"Nope, nothing yet. You?"

"Nah. I already forgot what we were looking for."

"Maybe looking in the same place at the same time wasn't too smart, either."

"I wouldn't say that. At least now we're doubly sure it isn't here, whatever it was. What do you say? Keep looking, or should we stampede again?"


"I had a feeling."

They're stripping the paint off of the deck with their huge paws, but they're having a good time, so it's a fair trade.

This picture makes Win look like he has enormous fangs. They're actually a trick of the lens, the sunlight reflecting off of his lower teeth. His illusory cuspids make Clem look positively benign in comparison, like a cuddly, harmless Muppet. Believe me, readers, when all eighty pounds of that big, rangy dog are barreling toward you at speed, it's absolutely terrifying.


Anonymous said...

Such a handsome fella! And what speed and agility!

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

they look so happy! :)

DeltaDawn said...

Oh man - thanks for that happy, happy, video on a slow, hormonal morning - GREAT dogs!!!! Nothing embodies joy better than a dog... or two!

Batty said...

They're so happy and goofy and fun!