Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The April Fool

I have a great picture for Wordless Wednesday, a concept that I blatantly stole from Bobbi's blog. It's a really neat shot. I was all ready to post it when I realized that I'd have to forego posting anything else today, and that would mean putting off important business until tomorrow.

What important business? Why, thanking Karen, of course! I'm wearing my new vest today, and I love it. I'm still trying to find the perfect shirt to wear under it, but the one I have on will do in a pinch. I couldn't wait any longer, in part because I was so excited to wear it, but in larger part because I believe I may have brought a curse down upon myself, and I'm hoping that the vest will dispell it.

Yes, friends, a curse. I must have done something to bring the last ten months upon myself, right? Well, a couple of months ago, after my then-boss' brother died and my dad died, I told my then-boss, "Crap start to the year so far. Maybe in April we'll all start over." April 1st. The year restarts, and no hard feelings there, Cosmos. I told Karen this as well, and she wished me good luck with my (re)new year plans in the lovely card that she packed with the vest.

April 1st, didn't go so well. I arrived home after a day of being inexplicably irritated by everyone around me, including the radio DJs yammering as I drove home. "Tapdancing CHRIST! Just play the damn SONG and quit babbling about it like we're all sitting around getting high together, you dumb broad! Oh, are you f*$king KIDDING ME?!? NICKELBACK??? F*$K YOU, BONE!"

I went upstairs to let Winston out of his crate. It turns out that he's having a hard time adjusting to his new bag of food. Or rather, he's having a not-so-hard time, and when a dog has to do what a dog has to do, he does it. He has a wire crate. It's in our bedroom. The first day of my freshly restarted year was literally splattered in shit.

As I was kneeling inside his crate with a bottle of Pine Sol and a handful of rags, it occurred to me that starting 2008 on April Fool's Day might have been a bad idea. While drenching the pale beige carpet by my bed in Nature's Miracle, I decided that my new year really didn't start until today.

Happy New Year! Like my new vest? Me too!

I'm trying to keep busy on the knitting front. Fluffy Angora Menace is still on a time-out, so I decided to do something with one of last year's impulse purchases. I have five skeins of Araucania Limari in Vina del Mar. I don't know what this is ultimately going to be, but I like it so far. I think I'm going to knit one more skein on the body, then knit the arms and see how much I have left over. I tried it on last night, and was pleasantly surprised by how cute it was. Fingers crossed that it doesn't end up making me look like Mr. Stay Puft.

Here's my Wordless Wednesday Picture. Apparently, a spider has taken up residence in the rear deck of my car. I turned my head as I was pulling out of a parking space, and the sun caught it just right for me to notice it. I don't know how long it's been there, because I haven't had my car cleaned in months, and I rarely have anyone in the back seat. The web stretches from the left headrest to the seatbelt pulley. It's beautiful. I can't bring myself to sweep it away.


Jo said...

Sounds like you had a craptacular as well. Quite literally. Let's try for May 1st. May Day - that's got to be good, right?

turtlegirl76 said...

The vest is at least a great way to start a new year. =)

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

ugh,wow, hopefully things will get better. The vest is beautiful!

Karen said...

Yay! The vest! I'm so happy you love it.

Sorry that the "new" year hasn't started off that well. It'll get better. It HAS to!

knottygnome said...

happy new year!

the vest is perfect. i really like the colors of the araucania.