Monday, April 21, 2008


"Oh, hey there, Pirate Skull Planter. What's up?"

"I feel that my charms have been sorely underrepresented in these waters, and I'm lookin' to remedy the situation, if you take my meaning."

"Pirate Skull Planter! Don't I frequently feature you in WIP and swatch pictures? Haven't you been mentioned independent of knitting in this blog at least twice?"

"Not good enough! I've bad news for you, lassie. I'll be takin' over your enterprise."

"Pretty tall order, considering you don't have hands. Or a body. And that you're made of resin. And that you have air plants hot-glued to your head, which require me to dunk you upside-down in a mug of tepid water twice a month. You don't exactly call the shots."

"Yar...I be powerless in the face of your mobility."

"Be happy with your lot in life, Pirate Skull Planter. Let's show off the swatch now, O.K.?"

"Ay. Fer now. Ye've not heard the last of me."

Fisherman's rib ho! Big needles, few stitches, wearable in summer, from the stash. I've got a good feeling about this one.


turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh Shiny!

Anonymous said...

Okay, smarty! My kids were reading this over my shoulder, and they were laughing at your pirate lingo! Kathryn tried to explain you to them, but they were just amused and amazed, and they want to meet you when they get the chance! Hope to see you soon!