Friday, February 24, 2006

Wild Sock!

Close, but not the same...these two skeins of Lisa Souza Sock! were dyed on the same day, by the same dyer. They're a different as night and...some other night. The skein on the left is lighter, and contains more vibrant teals and purples. The skein on the right is uniformly darker, except for the white patch that the dye missed. When I shook them out to hang them over the chair, I found that both skeins have this white patch. It's a little more pronounced on the darker skein, because the rest of the colors blend together so much more thoroughly.

One of these skeins is taking a trip to the post office, being traded for the Rowan Cotton Rope book so that I can find something to do with my other Stitches impulse buy -- too many skeins of aran/bulky black cotton. There's no wrong choice here. Really, neither skein has problems that a little grape Kool Aid wouldn't fix. I leave it to my swappie to decide.


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