Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gloomy Day

I'm unwell. I started feeling a little off last night, just a little cough but still, not quite right. By this morning, after a night of relentless, dry coughing, I'd developed a vigorous cold. It's the kind of cold where I can move about the house, but not really get anything done. I have all day to be knitting, but the last thing in the world I want to do is knit.

It's raining outside. The dog's going stir crazy. Buddy the Cat's upstairs on my bed, avoiding me because I've let the dog into the house on what would traditionally be a 'Buddy Day'. We used to have 'Buddy Day' when I'd take time off from work. I'd put Lucy outside in the morning, and I'd sneak around the house pretending not to be here so she wouldn't know that I'd stayed home and that Buddy had monopolized my time. Now, before anyone gets any ideas, I should point out that I only did this on nice, sunny days. She'd never get left out there in the rain or the fog. It's a pretty yard. It's no hardship for her at all. I love my sweet, simple dog. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! We remodeled the kitchen last year, and now there's a glass door out to the patio. There's no hiding from Lucy anymore. Thus, no more 'Buddy Day'. And Buddy hates me for it.

So, catless, free of any beauty products, unwell, and a little rumpled and cranky, I decided that this would be the very best time to take pictures of the Graphite hat. I finished it a few days ago, but I can't get Accountant Boy to model it. "I'm wearing a dress shirt. It won't look right." "I haven't shaved." "I've just shaved. I don't look outdoorsy enough." "Honey, it's midnight and I have to go to sleep." Fine. I'll do it myself.

It's very much like the blue hat I made for my dad. In fact, knowing how my mind works, the length and the direction of decreases are probably the same for both hats. I really like the decreases in the ribbing, because I've managed to keep the top of the hat from swirling like a nautilus shell. I like that effect in womens hats and when it's intentional, but not in this kind of cap. You can't really see the details in this yarn, but it's pretty cool. I should write down how I did it. Maybe next time I make one, I'll remember to take notes and publish a pattern.

Hey, I said I wouldn't use liquor bottles for BABY hat modeling. I never said anything about us grown-ups. Thanks for the help, giant bottle of Grey Goose! (Grey Goose -- "Honk-honk!")

And finally for today, my yarn came in from my swap with Lumay from the knittyboard. It's gorgeous. I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. It's hand-spun, hand-dyed chunky wool, and if I had to guess at the yardage, I'd guess about 300 yards. I'm going to measure it with my handy dandy fishing line meter. Suggestions?

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