Monday, April 13, 2009

Country Garden

Country Garden? Really, Cherry Tree Hill? 'Cause I grew up in the country, and nobody had a garden that looked like this, but O.K. We'll go with it. Obviously, you folks are from someplace where "country garden" means something other than "one hundred acres of silage, a dead oak tree and weeds growing up through the floorboards of a rusting, tireless Chevy Impala." Your country is clearly aesthetically superior to mine.

This is not a finished object post, because My So-Called Country Garden Scarf isn't quite done. You can't tell from these pictures, but I made a slight calculation error when I cast on lengthwise, so this scarf is just a smidge longer than I'd like. How long is a smidge, again? Is it two or three feet? Yeah, that's what I mean, then. It's a smidge longer than I'd like, which means that it's eight feet long.

The good news is that I've been experimenting with cutting the sides of knitting to create fringe. By experimenting, I mean that I hacked off the edge of one of my swatches and unravelled a few columns to see how it'd work. It was the Ingenue swatch, so no great loss, since it did nothing but lead me astray. In fact, it was very satisfying to hack at it with my nail scissors.

Tonight, maybe after a couple of drinks and a few minutes of repetitively chanting "it only cost fifteen dollars, it only cost fifteen dollars", I'm going to cut off the short ends of the scarf and unravel it back to the correct length.

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