Monday, November 03, 2008

The Ocean Blue

I changed my mind about the Black Water Abbey sweater. That might be the December or January project. After seaming Alexandra, which was a big pain in the ass because a reverse stockinette edge is harder to keep track of than right-side stockinette edge, and after trying on the slouchy end product (pictures and FO post pending), I decided that I needed something with less finishing, and something that would be more form-fitting. I've swatched for Ingenue from Custom Knits and I'm going to cast on for it today.

Look at this stuff. I've got two balls of it, about eleven hundred yards if I've guessed right on the weight and size. It's a gorgeous inky blue with a little bit of charcoal. I'm going to be knitting it along with a strand of Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro, purchased way back during Stitches 2005, in black. It's a Stitches reunion project! The carryalong is giving the Interlacements mystery wool more softness and just enough of a gauge boost to bring it up from light worsted to regular old worsted. I've been knitting with some pretty heavy aran yarns lately, so it's weird to work with a thinner weight.

In other news, A.B. and I drove to Santa Cruz yesterday to see the historically accurate replica of the NiƱa. That's a teensy little vessel! We had no idea it was so small. I'm pretty sure the Alcatraz ferries are twice as big.

If you're further down the California coast from Santa Cruz, be on the lookout for it in a port near you between now and the new year. It's worth the five bucks to climb aboard and gaze out over the bow toward the open ocean.

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