Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Man, I wish it were still summer. It's going to be 85 degrees today, but nature isn't fooled. Nature knows that it's late October. The light's too thin for anything to keep growing. The dayflowers have died back to the ground. The canna behind the gargoyle is withering. This summer was too long and too hot, but I miss it just the same.

I've made progress on the Simple Knitted Bodice, but I don't have pictures yet. I'm making it more form-fitting than any of the completed ones I've seen. I've been trying it on as I go, making subtle changes to the fit, measuring every other garment I own against it, trying to keep in mind the growth potential of silk. I may be the first knitter to make this thing too small. I'll have pictures of it up tonight.

The next episode of "Cooking With Stupid" is coming. It only gets stupider.

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