Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Playtime's over, Bighead."

The wig, she is done. Wow. That was...not as much fun as I thought it would be. I think it would have been better if I'd done a couple of things differently, namely:

  1. 1. Paid attention to the pattern, especially once I got to the bangs,
  2. 2. Knitted it in something other than this fuzzy, squeaky acrylic crap,
  3. 3. Cared about the outcome beyond just getting it done.

I knitted the majority of it during the tailgate and subsequent 49er-Tampa game last Sunday. I knit straight through most of the third and fourth quarters, only standing to clap when the special teams running back/quarterback/waterboy/whatever-the-hell-the-team-needs-me-to-do-this-week guy came into the game. He needed some encouragement, did poor Cody Pickett. If he'd been hurt, I think the Niners would have had to pull a volunteer quarterback from the stands. The guys behind us were more than willing to do the job.

Anyway, the Hallowig. I said I'd do it, and this is part of my new "Do What I Said I'd Do, No Matter How Stupid It Was of Me to Say I'd Do It" campaign. So far, the DWISIDNMHSIWOMTS campaign has done nothing but get me into trouble. I'm at the gym until 8:00 at night because I said I'd go and traffic is no excuse to skip it, I'm making plans for the holidays that make everyone but me happy, and I'm knitting hot pink acrylic wigs for myself. Maybe the plan needs a re-think.

Oh, and the most important thing of all? The wig fits my great big melon.

Now, playtime's over. No adult-sized chicken viking helmets, no knitted lock ness monsters, and no more frightening acrylic wigs. There are projects on the needles, and many fine garments waiting in the queue. Time to get serious and produce something I'd actually wear.

Well, maybe the chicken viking helmet will find its way to the top, but only because it's Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks.

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