Thursday, November 10, 2005

Flamingo Baby

Some people keep their stashes in a closet. Some people keep their yarn in a chest of drawers. I keep my yarn in the yarn cave. It's more of an attic than a proper cave, but "yarn attic" sounds too much like someplace I'd shop, and not enough like a creepy space above the kitchen of my house, accessible only through a gap in the underdecking of the roof. Yarn cave is so much more mysterious. Note how the door into the cave isn't as tall as I am. This house is so damn weird.

O.K., so I'm swapping some yarn on the Swap-O-Rama, and I'm sitting at work thinking about what I have to offer. And I think to myself, "Hey, I have whole big bunches of this thin, pink yarn at home in the yarn cave!" I'm all excited about trading out yarn from the yarn cave, for reasons that will become apparent once I finally catalog the collection. Plus, I kind of like crawling into the cave, for reasons known only to me and probably every seven-year-old on the planet. I want to build a fort in there. With blankets for walls, and a lantern and a little radio. But I digress.

Then, I find the yarn. And it's nice and all, but completely not what I have in mind. I thought I had some good baby garment yarn in a nice shade of baby pink. How I got that idea, I'll never know. Here's what I found when I dug through the stash in the cave.

It's Vendome Mimmosa in a lovely shade of seashell pink. It's a two-ply, shiny 100% cotton. Lovely for fine ladies' garments, but not exactly baby appropriate, unless you've got a very sophisticated baby on your hands.

Swappy buddy, if you still want it, I'll send a couple of balls of it your way. If you'd rather have some Sirdar 'Snuggly' DK in baby pink, that can be arranged as well. It's a little thicker than fingering, but it's more in keeping with what I picture the fashionable baby wearing.

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