Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, it had to start somewhere, and it had to start sometime, so it looks like it's here and now. Hello, and welcome to 'Knitting for the Large Headed Gal'. I'm Suzanne, and I have an unusually long head. No, I'm serious. It's not some girly thing where I think anyone should respond "Oh, you do not! I bet you look just adorable in this season's fashion headwear." I know that's a lie. I can't wear feminine hats. They sit on the top of my head like those little plastic firefighter helmets that you put on little kids at parties. It's O.K. I've come to terms. My skull is two feet in circumference. I'm adapting, I'm improvising, I'm overcoming. I'm knitting.

Which leads to today's topic - the 'Hallowig'. I started Hallowig this evening, three and a half days before Halloween. I'm knitting it fast, and I'm knitting it cheap. I'm wearing it to work on Monday. Here's the progress so far.

I this is about an hour's worth of steady work, including the cast-on and repeated counting to make sure I had enough stitches. It's picking up speed now. I got a little distracted by the television, as we inexplicably landed on 'Lone Wolf McQuade'. I haven't seen that movie in twenty years, but it feels like only yesterday. "Ooh, this is the part where he's buried alive in his truck, right? And he drives out of the big pile of dirt?!"

Anyway, back to Hallowig. I'm knitting it out of some Patons Diana that one of my friends generously shoved off on me a few years ago. The color is a little pinker than any of my pictures reflect. It's fuzzy, but there's enough stitch definition that it'll turn out O.K. I'm just glad to be able to put it to use. It was buried in the very back of my attic. We had to send in spelunkers to retrieve it.

And yes, I'm happy to be knitting it because it's ribbed and it's knit, which means it will fit over my big, big melon.

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