Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maraschino Red

 photo 0953D5EA-9153-448B-8842-F87210C190A3-4430-0000060E1730F3A7.jpg

"You should knit a Bitter Sweater of Self Gratification!" said Red.

"A what?"

"A sweater that says, 'You're an idiot for leaving me, but I don't care, because I look totally hot in this sweater.'"

That sounded like a fine idea, so I started Joan McGowan Michael's 'Laced Front Sweater' from 'Knitting Lingerie Style'. The problem? It's taking forever to make any progress. All that ribbing is a real bitch. I've been working on it since Black Bart broke up with me. By the time it's finished, even factoring dating hiatuses, the hotness of the BSoSG might be directed at any one of half a dozen dudes. Maybe it won't be directed at anyone by then, because I'll be done being bitter. We'll see.


jabblog said...

Maybe it will become an 'I glad I met this man' sweater:-)

judith said...

Are you knitting with ribbon? At least you are trying. I had all summer off, then quit my job 2 weeks before I was expected back, got not 1 but 2 jobs within a week and now my arse is dragging and I can barely stay awake long enough to finish a glass of wine, much less knit.

Anonymous said...

It's a great color! :)