Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Capital G

Here's one of my favorites. From right to left, that's my uncle, my older brother Big Guy, Kitten's brother, and The Engineer. What are they saying? I can only imagine. Hey, for a laugh, leave a comment about what you think is going on in this picture.


turtlegirl76 said...

The Engineer: You see, you put your left hand in. You put your left hand out. You put your left hand in and you "shake it all about."
Kitten Bro: Man. That is SO what it's all about.
Big Guy: But Grandma's naked! THAT is not what it's all about!
Uncle: It was back in the 70s!

Jo said...

Uncle: Yeah - her - see? The one in the yellow dress? She was your prom date wasn't she?
(Kitten's brother nods)
Uncle continues: You know she has a kid that looks just like you? About 12 years old. Hey - didn't you graduate 13 years ago...?

SuzannaBanana said...

You're both on the right track, according to Accountant Boy, who was behind the camera at the time.

TG, my grandma did NOT do the naked Hokey Pokey! She experienced the miracle of virgin birth. Eight times.

Keep those guesses coming!

Batty said...

They're definitely commenting on something in a very unacceptable way.

Oh, and my parents and I are also products of virgin births! It's more common than people think.