Saturday, April 07, 2007

Winner, Winner!

We have a winner! Congratulations, Jo! You've got some Mountain Colors headed your way. Send your mailing info to [redacted, because I have an unusual surname], and I'll get it into the mail Monday.

I think I've picked...and of course it's not the easiest pattern. I'm going to give Cobweb from Rowan 40 a try, possibly even with the flowers. I have this vision of them sort of matching the flowers in the embroidery band of the dress, and that'd be cool. I love all of the patterns, so when I give up on Cobweb in a fit of rage and despair, I'll have plenty of runners-up to choose from. This is also really helpful because I have a lot of dresses, due to a brief three-way love affair with eBay and Betsey Johnson, and I haven't worn them because I don't have anything to wear with them. This Spring's going to be the Season of the Bolero.

I'd say more about them, and how much I appreciate all of the suggestions, but I've got to run outside and secure some tarps to my driveway before MacAlvey's Nursery dumps thirteen cubic yards of bark there. Sometimes Accountant Boy and I go a little crazy with the home improvements. There'll be pictures later, if we survive the day.

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Jo said...

Cool! Thanks so much! I sent the mailing info to the email address. I looked up Cobweb and it is very pretty!