Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ever have one of those days where you're thinking about a thousand things at once, but not one of those things has anything to do with what you're supposed to be doing? That's my today. I feel so amped up that I can't focus on any one thought. Even if I were somewhere else, I'm not sure I'd get anything done that I want to do.

I feel like Lucy must feel when she first runs in to the house. "Yay, water! Wait, there's my bone! Oh, look! There's Suzanne! Buddy's food smells like DELICIOUS! Hey, look! There's the water dish again! I'd better run upstairs! What was I doing?! Running downstairs! Hi, Suzanne! Where'd my bone go? Yay! Water!"

The velvety beauty pictured above is the Taboo rose, another member of the Concord Umbrella Club. It shares the shady spot under the market umbrella with the Japanese maple. Unfortunately, it doesn't bloom in the shade. Even more unfortunately, when I give it enough sun to bloom, the blasting solar rays bounce up from the concrete and burn the flowers. Therefore, it's only able to bloom like this in November. That's O.K., though. If I get to see flowers like this one month out of twelve, it's worth it.

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