Monday, September 11, 2006

Look at me! Knitting!

After Bristow, I needed a project that was fast and mindless, but ultimately rewarding. When I saw this sleeveless cowl shell in the Patternworks catalog, I knew I had to have it, in the yarn pictured, in the color pictured. I wasn't counting on it looking like pickle relish. It's not easy to work with, what with the slubbies and the almost complete lack of elasticity and all, but I like it anyway. It's coming along quickly. I might have the whole thing done by the weekend.

I promise I'm not trying to knit a muppet, and no acrylic frogs were injured in the making of this pullover.

Ermmm...Suzanne? Speaking of muppets, don't you think it's time you let me in on the action around here? Not 'coz I'm a muppet, but you know. The whole 'filled with all new materials' business makes me and Fozzy kinda like cousins. -- Belligero

Oh, dammit! I forgot about Belligero the Clown. He's been popping up around here for weeks, and I haven't properly introduced him. He's our traveling companion, going everywhere we go when we travel more than a few miles from our house. It's a long story, and you know what? Tonight's not the night for it. Sorry, Clown.

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