Sunday, April 01, 2012

A to Z April

After a mostly successful NaBloPoMo in March, it's time to move on to the next challenge. It's time for A to Z April!

I've been thinking about an A-to-Z theme since signing up for this in early February. I wanted to have some structure to it, because I knew I'd end up cheating by the end. "X is for...I almost read a book about Xerxes a few weeks ago. But I didn't."

I decided my theme would be compact discs in my collection, which is pretty hefty. The last time I cataloged physical, store-bought CDs, the count was up around nine hundred. Some of them were massive hits, but more of them are obscure recordings by virtually unknown artists who couldn't capitalize on their one semi-major label contract. I hope it will be fun, and maybe one or two recordings might gain one or two more fans.


1. I'm picking by album title. No switching to artist name just because I want to squeeze them into a slot.

2. I will be using mass-produced CDs only, not albums that I've downloaded or compilations I've made.

3. "The" doesn't count toward the title.

Onward into April!


Mina Lobo said...

My A to Z is music themed too, with three songs per letter, though I've had to cheat a bit and use a band name or album name here or there to fit the theme within a theme of tunes I consider to be darkly romantic/sexy, and appeal to me on a particular level. Although if I had as extensive a collection of CDs as you, I'd probably not have to resort to cheating! :-)

Some Dark Romantic

Alana said...

Hey! I see you made it to B so far. I hope you are able to keep it up! It is tough in the middle of the pack, but the more you post and visit, the more you will get out of it! Promise!

Alana @
Found you through A to Z! :)