Thursday, July 10, 2008

Team Pibble


It's me, Winston J. Schmidt. Hey, know what'd be fun? If you went to this link and checked it out.

Team Pibble!

Elizabeth and Monica are running a triathlon! They're doing all kinds of fun stuff like swimming and running, and I don't know about biking because I don't have a bike, but it sounds like fun, too. They're raising money to help dogs like me who are in a shelter. The dogs get new beds and really cool toys so that when people come to see them, they look happy and eager. Not like me the last day I was there.

Elizabeth used to take me out of the kennel and teach me stuff and play tug with me, and that was always the best part of my day, so I really, really like her a lot. So, you should go look at their website and check it out. It's not as much fun as playing ball, but it's at least twice as much fun as having Buddy slap you in the face.

Unless you're Buddy. - Buddy the Cat

Anyway, thanks for looking.


Winston J. 'Bug' Schmidt

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