Thursday, June 28, 2007

First in a Series

"Hey, so how was that wedding?"

It was a very nice wedding, and everything came off without a hitch. The bride, my cousin, was beautiful.

We told her we were taking lots of pictures, and she enthusiastically replied that she'd love to see them. Oh, dear. Readers, what you'll be seeing here over the next few days, maybe weeks, are those pictures. We're going to have to tell her that the camera broke halfway through the ceremony. While I love them, and keep flipping back to them when I'm supposed to be working, they're not the sort of images that a bride is going to want to keep to remember her special day. I mean, I'd want them if someone had taken them at my wedding, but we've already established that I've got a strange sense of humor.

It's a damn good thing she had a photographer for the wedding and most of the reception.

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Jo said...

Am I evil if I say I like your dress better than hers?