Sunday, May 07, 2006

Many Projects

We've got knitting projects, household projects, projects to track our projects, and a list of things that might help us with our project to track our projects. And yet we still can't manage to feed ourselves more than one meal in a row. "Cereal tonight?" "It's nightime?" "It's 10:30." "Oh, dammit! Cooking dinner was on my list!" "Tomorrow, maybe." "I'll print out the schedule."

I finally got on a roll with Bristow, which is way cool. I knit and tinked the first five inches about a dozen times, but now I think I've got it down. I washed and blocked this piece so I can see how it dries, see if I need to make any changes before knitting the rest of it. It's really soft now that it's washed. I'm knitting the small, because I tend to make things slightly wider than they're supposed to be, even when I think I'm on gauge. This one is no exception -- if the back and other side come out like this one, it'll be two inches wider than the small, which is cool, because the small was going to be...well...small. The extra width is going to give me a little ease.

This was how I spent last weekend. It doesn't look like it, but this is about 600 CDs, now meticulously organized and stored. It took hours to alphabetize them and make sure all of the right CDs were in their cases.

I had to have something to do, because there wasn't room in the garage for me to help Accountant Boy. Here's a little glimpse at his weekend...

At this point, he already had the bulk of the wine loaded into the cellar. I'd take a picture of the cellar, but I can't walk around to the front of it without knocking over all of the wine.

Yes, that's a laptop. Yes, we're cataloging the collection. Yes, I'm going to create a database and build a web interface for it so that A.B. can access it from any location. Yes, we're dorks.

I'm considering taking up a hobby of my own. As soon as I figure out how to hold the yarn without succumbing to the desire to eat it, I'll be all set to go. -- BtC

Hang on, cat-head-sized-ball-of-chenille, I'll find a way out for both of us. -- BtC

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SoberHope said...

Hahahaha! I love the wine database idea. Brilliant!